9/7 Funeral escort for SSGT Virgil Topaha US Army

FARMINGTON, NM – The family of beloved veteran is humbly requesting a funeral escort for SSGT Virgil Topaha US Army, on Saturday 9/7/19 from Shiprock to Farmington, NM.

STAGING: 9/7 at 0900 Desert View Funeral Home, Shiprock, NM
KSU: 0920
Destination: 0930 Bethel Christian Reformed Church, Shiprock, NM (funeral begins at 10am)
KSU: 1130 going to burial site, Kirtland Cemetery (15miles) or immediately after funeral service
Route: east on HWY 64

E6 Staff Sergeant Virgil Topaha US Army, 56 years old, he was enlisted from 1990 – 2012. He completed one tour in Desert Storm and three tours to Iraq Freedom, he retired from the US Army in 2012 with his service dog, Bruno. He grew up in the Farmington area and resided in El Paso, TX, the last ten years. His service dog Bruno died two weeks before him. Topaha had one daughter.

Navajo Hopi Honor Riders send their condolences to his family. We whole heartedly thank veteran SSG Virgil Topaha for his service in the US Army. May you rest in peace soldier and may you never be forgotten.
Contact: Quennel (nephew) 505-444-3986