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Request for motorcycle escort

Navajo Hopi Honor Riders are proud to host “Welcome Home” escort rides for returning military personnel. It is a great honor and celebration to greet these brave men and women and escort them home – whether they are returning on break from service, completing their military service commitments, or in some cases retiring from the military. Our riders always take great pleasure in assisting military families.
NHHR also humbly participates in funeral Escort Rides for our brave military personnel who have passed on. It is an honor for us to guide these individuals to their final resting place and pay respect for their service, their lives, and their families. Again, anyone can request a Funeral Escort Ride by downloading this form, sending a message through our Facebook page, or by contacting us through email and via our phone number.

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There are a lot of different ways that you can volunteer for NHHR. Events, administration activities, community improvement projects and other possibilities are available to you throughout the year. You can submit your contact information.

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Seeking two new board members, please email you resume or letter of interest to NHHR President, Bobby Martin.
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