July 2017: Letter from Chief Clarence Louie

“Wow! What a display of real authentic, on-the-ground rez leadership: the 2015 Navajo/Hopi Honor Riders.

As a chief (of over 30 years) from a First Nation north of the Canadian/U.S. border, myself and two other leaders from the Okanagan Nation were honored to participate in this year’s 15th annual Navajo/Hopi Honor Ride.

I have participated in many Native events and Native memorial motorcycle rides (Wounded Knee, Cherokee Trail of Tears). I have been on over 250 Indian reserves/reservations in the U.S. and Canada and I have never witnessed so much raw emotion, volunteerism, caring, sharing, and real “Indian pride” over the four-day motorcycle ride organized by the Navajo/Hopi Honor Riders Board.” …. Read  full article at NavajoTimes.com

(Navajo Times article title:Letters: Honor Riders are true Native leaders)