9/20 Funeral escort for LCpl Terry Cook USMC

BURNTCORN, AZ – The family of LCpl Terry Cook USMC is requesting a funeral escort on 9/20 Friday from St. Michaels to Burntcorn, Az.
Staging: 0630 at Summit Funeral Home, St. Michael’s, Az.
KSU: 0700
Destination: Burntcorn, AZ
Route: west on Hwy 264, no on HWY 191 to Rt 4 and 10 miles north to Burntcorn burial site. (94 miles)
Enlisted in USMC from 1979-1985, Lance Corporal Terry Cook was a loving husband to his wife Jean Cook, and a loving father to his five children Georgeette Cook, Jolene Cook, Terrilyn Small, Bobby Cook, Eric Cook. He was also a loving grandpa to his nine grandchildren. Terry grew up in small community in Burntcorn, as a result, he wanted to travel and see the world and experience many things. He was very fond of learning about other cultures and their history, so he set off to join the military and enlisted. After the military, he went back home to tend to his horses, he loved to train his horses and also taught his sons how to be a horse trainer. He was a family man, he loved his grandchildren and enjoyed family time, he would teach them about his lifestyle. He will dearly missed.
Rest in peace Marine. God speed.
Contact: Georgeette (daughter) 928-209-6068