3/13 Funeral escort for USMC Cpl. Brian Dave Yazzie

MICHAELS, AZ – For Friday March 13, 2020, a funeral escort for USMC Cpl. Brian Dave Yazzie, 39 years old. The family of our hero is humbly requesting for an escort from St. Michaels to Ft. Defiance, Az.

Staging Details for 3/13 Friday

Stagingtime: 9:00am Summit Funeral Home, St. Michaels, Az.K


Destination: Ft. Defiance Veterans Cemetery (8 miles)
Graveside service will begin at 10:00am.

Brian Dave Yazzie was born on May, 29 1980. The only son of Josephine and David Yazzie. He grew up in Kayenta, AZ and graduated from Monument Valley High School, AZ. His love for being a Marine started early in his life. He often wore a red t-shirt with the yellow devil dog logo and Marines proudly displayed across his chest. A few years after high school, he enlisted without telling anyone. One day he told his dad, “Dad, I need you to take me to the airport. I joined the Marines”.

He graduated from boot camp at Camp Pendleton. Shortly after boot camp he was called to defend our country and four sacred mountains. He served 2 tours in Iraq. After active duty he rejoined civilian life. He pursued a associates degree in Information Technology. He graduated as an “A” student with a 4.0; he had one year to go to receive his Bachelor’s degree. He also learned the craft of silversmithing, using tools passed down from his great-grandmother. He made several one-of-a-kind pieces that his family will forever treasure.

Later in life he learned the welding trade. His artistic technique from silversmithing and his technical ability to problem solve from his I.T. background made him the perfect welder. He is survived by his four children. His two youngest, Kalai and Kaydence were the closest to him. He always said, “all I need in my life are my children”, they were his heart.

Brian was an avid swimmer, he loved the time spent in the ocean. He loved the calm hobby of fishing with family, a hobby inherited by his children. He loved to joke with his parents, he always teased them in a manner only he could do. He teased and joked with his sisters at every opportunity. His absence is missed greatly by those that love him.

On behalf of Navajo Hopi Honor Riders, we extend our deepest condolences to the Yazzie family. We whole-heartedly thank USMC Cpl. Brian Dave Yazzie for his service and we deeply appreciate all the miles he rode with us as an honor rider. May you rest in peace Marine and may you never be forgotten. God Speed.

Contact: Orlanthia (sister)