Board member Art Hardy resigns from NHHR

On April 12, 2024, Hardy resigned from the NHHR board. We would like to thank him for volunteering and dedication in helping NHHR, he served as a board member from Feb 2022 to Apr 2024. We accept his resignation and wish him the best.

Good evening all,
First, I would like to express my gratitude, for the NHHR giving me this opportunity to serve as a Board Member for 2 years. It has been an Honor to see 1st hand, what a great team the NHHR has and the leadership it sustains through its continued support of our Nations  Veterans. 

I have not been very active with the NHHR and feel that my inactivity is holding a place that another new member could fill and provide needed advocacy and support. 

I bid you good luck and wish you all the best.
Best regards,
Art Hardy