8/22 Funeral Escort for Sarah Mae Peshlakai, US Army

TSE BONITO, NM – August 22, 2018 Wednesday. Funeral escort for US ARMY, Sarah Mae Peshlakai

Staging time: 8:00am at Silver Creek Mortuary, Tse Bonito, NM
KSU: 8:30am
Desitination: Crystal Navajo Bible Church, Crystal, NM. Service Begins at 10:00am

Route details:
Church location: Hwy 264 from Tse Bonito, Rte 12 thru Navajo, Hwy 134 to Crystal,
Burial Site: Hwy 134 to Rte 12, Rte 12 go North towards Wheatfields, Turn right on Indian Service Rd 9604 E of So’Sila Mtn

The family of Sarah Mae Peshlakai greatly appreciates your time and support as they are requesting for a funeral escort. Peshlakai served her country proudly, she helped protect our great nation and we thank her for her service. US ARMY, SP2 (T),Sarah Mae Peshlakai, a member of the Navajo Tribe from Crystal, NM enlisted in the Women’s Army Corps in 1951, and served until 1957. She trained as a medical specialist and was assigned to Yokohama Army Hospital in Japan, where she helped care for casualties from the Korean battlefields.

Earl Willie is the contact person and knows the location of the church and burial site. (Earl 505-979-3826)