2/21 Funeral Escort

Chinle, AZ – Funeral Escort for Pvt. Virgil Brown Sr. on February 21, 2018 Wednesday

A short notice request has been received from the Brown family for a funeral escort for our Hero. Mr. Brown served with the U.S Army when he was Honorably discharged. Virgil was also employed with the Navajo Nation Police for 31 years where he served and protected our Great Nation, he had retired as Sergeant also a Resource Enforcement with the Navajo Nation Ranger. The family is humbly requesting for Honor Riders to help assist with escorting their love one to his final resting place. Summit Funeral Home are in charge of funeral arrangements. Apache County Sheriffs office will also assist with the funeral escort.

Staging (1) Details: 0700@ Summit Funeral Home (Across from St. Michael’s post office in St. Michael’s AZ)
Honor Escort: to Chinle Catholic Hall.

Staging (2) from church to Family Plot turnoff: 1030, after services are concluded, Mr. Brown will be escorted to his final resting place at family plot. 4 miles west of Chinle IHS Hospital. Celebration of life will take place at reception @ Chinle Community Center.

Contact information: Vernon B. 505-567-4582

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