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The Navajo-Hopi Honor Riders are composed of individuals from across the Navajo and Hopi Nations, and are involved in events when and where requested, time and distance permitting.  All requests are circulated, and those in attendance will stand in for those who cannot.  When you see Honor Riders, rest assured there are more with your event in their thoughts and prayers.


Additional Events can be found on our Facebook Fan Page. You do not need to have an account to view.

13 - Funeral Escort for BILLY C. JONES, WWII Navy & Marine veteran. Leaving Window Rock at 8:00am. Staging 8:30am at Burnside Junction. KSU 9:00am and escort to Chinle Christian center for services beginning 10:00am.

10 – Funeral Escort for HARRY MANYGOATS, Vietnam Veteran (1970-1973) and Vice Commander for the Coalmine Veterans Organization. Viewing at 9:30am. Service begins at 10:30 am at the Church of Jesus Christ of LDS on west Moenave Road in Tuba City Az. Following service escort requested from church to Tuba City Community Cemetery. Reception to follow at Vallis Simpson residence (North Tuba City on Az Blvd, between Holgate Veterinary clinic and 3-water tanks).


26 - Funeral Escort for SAMUEL TSOSIE, SR. NAVAJO CODE TALKER, 1st MARINE DIV. Services 9:00am-10:30am at VA Chapel in Prescott, AZ. (500 Hwy 89 North, Prescott). Following services the escort will proceed to Phoenix National Cemetery in Cave Creek (23029 North Cave Creek). Burial at 1:30pm. 
PHOENIX AREA STAGING: Fry’s Food Center. 39508 N. Daisy Mountain Drive. Phoenix, AZ (actually,it may fall under “New River” or “Anthem” depending upon your GPS age) DIRECTIONS: Take Exit 227 off of I-17; go east 1 mile on Daisy Mountain Drive. TIME: 1130 hours
BRIEFING: 1200 hours KSU: 1230 hours SHARP! We will meet Samuel and the procession from Prescott at the above staging location, and escort Samuel to the Phoenix National Cemetery. (Service at the cemetery is scheduled for 1330 hours).

24 - Funeral Escort for DESHAWN OWENS, ARMY VETERAN. Staging 10:00am at Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament Catholic church in Fort Defiance, AZ. KSU following services (apx 1 hour) and escort to Fort Defiance Veterans Cemetery. 

23- Open invitation by Nazlini Veterans organization to attend Veterans & Community dinner. Staging at Conoco in Ganado at 10:00am. KSU 10:30am. Nazlini Community Center at 11:00am. Program runs 9:00am - 3:00pm.

04 - Funeral Escort for JERRY ADAKAI, 2nd Korean War and Vietnam Unites States Air Force Veteran 1969-1973. Honorably discharged as a Sgt. Funeral Services @ Cope Memorial Chapel in Gallup, NM. There will be a reception held after the services at the Knights of Columbus KC Hall at 12pm in Gallup. Food can be dropped off starting at 8am.
05- Burial Services. Staging at 0700, Cope Memorial Chapel, Gallup New Mexico KSU 0800, escort to Santa Fe National Veterans Cemetery in Santa Fe, NM.


25 - Welcome Home Escort for HM3 CARLA THOMPSON-FERRELL, NAVY and HM3 ANDREW FERRELL, NAVY. Both Hospital Corpsmen. Staging 10:30am at Flying J in Winslow. KSU 11:30am and route north on SR87 to Seba Dalkai with arrival at 12:00pm.

18 - Funeral Escort for MONTOYA TRUJILLO, WWII ARMY Veteran. NaNeelzhiin, NM. Staging at Cuba Immaculate Conception church (6440 US 550 in Cuba, NM) Services begin at 10:00am and following services escort to Cuba Baptist cemetery.

17 - Welcome Home Escort for SPC OLIVIA "LIBBY" DUGI, ARMY. Staging 11:00am (MST) at Conoco (north Hwy 89 & Winona/Townsend Rd) in Flagstaff, AZ. KSU 12:00pm (MST) and escort to north of Cameron. Turnoff between mp 473-474 and 1/4 mile west. Contact: Sharon Dugi 928-209-5354.

11 - District Appreciation Day - Honor, Award and Appreciate our Navajo Veterans from District 7. Staging 9:00am at Navajo Westerner parking lot. KSU 9:30am and head east on N15 to Dilkon chapter house. Sponsored by Dilkon Veterans Organization

04 - 103rd Annual Northern Navajo Nation Fair Parade. MOTORCYCLE APPRECIATION/HONOR RIDE for Supporting the Troops and RECOGNITION & HONORING OF THE VETERANS AND THE GOLD STAR & BLUE STAR FAMILIES. Bikers to start gathering in front of the Shiprock Motor Pool (Fleet Mgmt) at 6:30am. According to the schedule, the parade starts at 8:00am, bikers will leave before that time. Thank you to WILL BITSUIE for paying the $250.00 to the parade committee. LETS SHOW THE REASON FOR THIS RIDE BY SHOWING OUR FLAGS.

03 - Funeral Escort for USMC LCpl KEISHA SMITH from Kayenta Arizona. Staging 6:30am at Valley Ridge Mortuary in Tuba City AZ. KSU: 0700. Escort to Kayenta, AZ for graveside services.

02 - Funeral escort for AUGUSTINE CASE, WORLD WAR II VETERAN. Staging 9:00am MST at Hondah Casino parking lot. KSU 9:30am MST and escort to Case homestead in Whiteriver, AZ about 25 miles. Contact: John R. 928-812-0388.


30 - Funeral Escort for CHARLES SALABYE, SR. MARINE & KOREAN WAR VETERAN. Staging 7:30am at Silver Creek Mortuary in TseBonito, NM. KSU 8:00am and escort for Nazarene church in Nazlini, AZ. Contact: Charlene 928-797-2275.

27 - Honor Run & Memorial Gourd Dance for LEONARD REEDER, ARMY 101st Airborne Vietnam Veteran. Staging 9:00am north end of Rio West mall in Gallup, NM. KSU 9:30am, scheduled stop at Fort Defiance Veterans Cemetery to lay wreaths for Leonard and Randy Berry, to Reeder residence in St. Michaels. Gourd dance from noon to sunset with supper at 5:00pm. *SEE FLYER ON MEMORIAL PAGE*

20 - Funeral Escort for DAVID JORDAN, MARINE & NAVAJO CODE TALKER. Staging 7:00am at Desert View Mortuary in Shiprock, NM. KSU 7:30am and route is east on 160 to Red Mesa and south on 35 to Sweetwater for church service. Services 10:00am at Emmanuel Mission church in Sweetwater, AZ. Following services burial will be at Emmanuel Mission cemetery.

17 - Funeral Escort for ROBERT WALLEY, SR., MARINE. NAVAJO CODE TALKER. Staging at Rollie Mortuary in Gallup, NM. Request for flag line before services which begin 10:00am. Escort to cemetery across Hwy 602 from the Broken Arrow Bible Camp, there will also be a flag line for the interment.

15 - Funeral Escort for GUY CLAUSCHEE, MARINE. NAVAJO CODE TALKER. Staging/KSU 8:00am at Tse Bonito Mortuary to Fort Defiance Presbyterian church for services beginning at 10:00am. KSU 11:00am and route to Fort Defiance Veterans Cemetery for burial. 

13 - Welcome Home Escort for CPL PAIGE K. BEGAY, MARINE. Staging 10:00am at Tuuvis in Tuba City, AZ. KSU 11:30am and route to Kayenta, AZ. 

06 - Funeral Escort for KENNETH G. TALAKTE, ARMY VETERAN & DPS Retired. Survived by wife, Linda Kewanimptewa and three daughters. Staging 7:45am, parking lost east of Dairy Queen, 600 W Route 66 in Williams, AZ. KSU 8:15am to Chevron for fuel in Valle, AZ. KSU 9:30am to Shrine of Ages Chapel Grand Canyon. 10:30am Flag line. Reception to follow at Canyon Plaza Resort, Tusayan, AZ. 


30 - Welcome Home Escort for SHEYENNE D. WALKER, ARMY and TAMARA TOM, ARMY. Cmdr. Tex Walker and Family. Staging 11:30am at Conoco gas station (N Hwy 89 & Townsend/Winona Rd). KSU 12:30pm and route to Cameron Restaurant with arrival at 1:30pm.

30 - Welcome Home Escort for SGT. JERON ABE, MARINE. Staging 12:00pm at Window Rock Veterans park. KSU 1:00pm , brief stop at Burnside KSU 1:45pm and route to Cornfields. Contact: Geneva Spencer: 928-551-5020. 

30 - Funeral Escort for LA VAR BEDONIE, WWII Veteran. Staging 8:00am at Page Jct (Hwy 160/84). KSU when hearse arrives and escort to Navajo Mountain. 

16 - Honoring Camp Navajo, Past and Present. Gourd Dance. 10:00am Posting of Colors/Gourd Dancing. 12:00pm Lunch Break. 4:00pm Retreat. 

16 - Welcome Home Escort in Kayenta, AZ. Staging 1:00pm at Tuuvis in Tuba City, AZ. KSU upon soldier arrival and escort to Kayenta with 3:00pm tentative arrival. More information will be available.

14 - Funeral Escort for CHARLEY TODICHINNII, WWII Veteran. Staging 7:45am at Silver Creek funeral home in Tse Bonito, NM. KSU 8:30am and escort to Nazlini, AZ. 

02 - Welcome Escort for MR. & MRS. ISIAH HADLEY, NAVY. Staging 10:00am Navajo Nation Veterans park in Window Rock, AZ. KSU  10:45am, brief stop at Burnside and arrival 11:45am in Chinle, AZ


26 - Korean War Honor Walk, Honor Relay, Honor Bike Run.KSU 9:am Honor Bike Rrun from Baca/Prewitt chapter to Walter Collins Gym Upper Fruitland chapter. 12:pm Honor Gourd Dance for Korean Veterans & Luncheon.   

25 - Funeral Escort for EDWARD B ANDERSON, MARINE VETERAN. NAVAJO CODE TALKER. Viewing 9:00am at Ganado Presbyterian church. Services begin 10:00am, following escort to Veterans Cemetery in Fort Defiance for burial. Reception to follow.

25 - Korean War Honor Walk, Honor Relay, Honor Bike Run. 8:am Honor Relay from Thoreau (I-40) to Farmington up NM Vietnam Veterans Hwy 371. 

24 - Korean War Honor Walk, Honor Relay, Honor Bike Run. 12:pm-4:pm Baca/Prewitt chapter Honor Walk to Thoreau chapter.

19 - Funeral Escort for FRANK SANDOVAL, MARINE. VIETNAN VETERAN.  Staging 7:30am at Rollies in Gallup, NM. KSU 8:00am and route to Window Rock Christian Reform church for services beginning 10:00am. Following services, escort to Rehoboth cemetery for burial. 

13 - Welcome Home Escort - Surprise for a U.S. Army Solider. Staging, 1:00 pm (MST) Hopi truck plaza, off exit 189 just before you get to Holbrook. KSU: When Solider arrives. Route: Hwy 77, through Indian Wells to WhiteCone, AZ.

12 - Welcome Home & Appreciation Escort for TERRY LEWIS, MARINE VETERAN. Staging 10:00am  at Window Rock Veterans Park. KSU 11:00am and route to Sanders chapter house.

09 - Funeral Escort for GILBERT BEKIS, MARINE VETERAN. MEMBER OF THE 1981 NAVAJO CODE TALKERS COMMEMORATIVE PLATOON. Services 10:00am at Dineh Christian Center in Shiprock, NM. (Old chapter house location). Escort to Kirtland-Fruitland cemetery. Reception follows at Nennahnezad Community School.

04 - Freedom's Thunder Parade. Public invited. Grand Marshals are motorcycles. Line up 8:30am, I-40 exit 359 south frontage road. Parade begins 10:00am and route to TseSiAni chapter area. Includes at ride through before the parade. 


30 - Funeral Escort for FRANK CURLEY, SR. ARMY WWII VETERAN. Services 10:00am in Rehoboth, NM. Following services escort to family burial plot in Navajo, NM.

28 - Appreciation Honor Escort for DAN AKEE, NAVAJO CODE TALKER. Placement of "Navajo Code Talker" sign made by Tuba City students will be placed. Staging 11:30am at Tuba City Warrior Pavilion parking lot. KSU 11:55am to Mr. Akee's residence behind car wash on Main Street.

28 - Honoring Past & Present Veterans Bike Run/Gourd Dance. In remembrance of US Navy Mike Begay Sr.,Edward Begay and all Veterans. Flag raising ceremony 6:30 am at Begay residence in Round Rock, AZ. Depart 8:00am to Window Rock, AZ. Staging 9:30am at Window Rock Veterans park. Registration $10 rider/$5 passenger, includes commemorative shirt and door prize ticket. KSU 10:00am and route Burnside-Chinle-Many Farms-Round Rock.

27 - Funeral Escort for MICHAEL ALCOTT, SR. MARINE VETERAN. Staging 11:00am at Cope Memorial in Gallup, NM. KSU 12:00pm and route to Fort Defiance Veterans Cemetery.

23 - Funeral Escort for GEORGE REDHAIR, ARMY VETERAN. Staging 7:30am at Tse Bonito mortuary. KSU 8:00am and route to Pinon, AZ. Services and burial in Kitsillie, AZ.

22 - Welcome Home Escort for MICHAEL GIBHART III, NAVY SC2. Staging 11:00am at Denny's (east side) in Gallup, NM. KSU 12:00pm and escort to Manuelito chapter house.

20 - Funeral Escort for LARRY JUAN, ARMY VETERAN. Staging 9:30am at Bank of America parking lot in Tse Bonito, NM. KSU 10:00am with escort to Our Lady of Parish in Chinle, AZ for viewing and services beginning 12:00pm and 1:00pm. Following services escort to Chinle Veterans cemetery, depending upon road conditions.

17 Funeral Escort for SIDNEY BEDONIE, NAVAJO CODE TALKER. STAGING: Fry’s Food Center. 39508 N. Daisy Mountain Drive. Phoenix, AZ (actually,it may fall under “New River” or “Anthem” depending upon your GPS age) DIRECTIONS: Take Exit 227 off of I-17; go east 1 mile on Daisy Mountain Drive. TIME: 0830 hours
BRIEFING: 0900 hours KSU: 0930 hours SHARP! We will meet Sidney and the procession from Winslow at the above staging location, and escort Sidney to the Phoenix National Cemetery. FLAG LINE (at Phoenix National Cemetery): 1020 hours (Service at the cemetery is scheduled for1030 hours) All times are MST.

16 - Funeral Escort for SIDNEY BEDONIE, NAVAJO CODE TALKER. WWII & KOREAN WAR VETERAN.: Staging 8:00am at Greer's Mortuary. 316 West 2nd Street in Winslow, AZ. KSU 8:30am and escort to LDS Stake Center. Flag line for arrival and departure. Viewing 9:00am-11:00am at LDS Stake Center in Winslow, AZ. Services at 11:00am. Escort back to mortuary.

14 - Welcome Home Escort for GARRET AHO, MARINE. Staging 9:00am at Burnside Junction. KSU 10:00am and escort to Sanders, AZ at Rim Range area, house 14. 

13 - Funeral Escort for BEVERLY TSOSIE JIMENEZ, MARINE SGT, RETIRED. Staging 8:00am at Rollie's. Services 10:00am at Sacred Heart Catholic church in Gallup, NM. Following services escort to Gallup city cemetery for burial. Reception at chapter house in Lupton, AZ.

10 - Funeral Escort for CHESTER NEZ, NAVAJO CODE TALKER WWII. Per NMPGR: STAGING INFO - 06-10-2014: Location: TA Truck Stop 2501 University Blvd NE Albuquerque, NM StagingTime: 8:30A.M. Special Instructions: BRIEFING: 8:45 AM KICK-STANDS-UP: 9:00 AM- Travel to Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church, 4020 Lomas Blvd. NE (3 miles) FLAG-LINE: 9:30-10 AM And at the conclusion of services. ESCORT: To SFNC (70 miles) FLAG-LINE: 1:25 PM – During full-honors ceremony.

05 - Funeral Escort for VERNON TRACY, ARMY VETERAN. Staging at Silver Creek Mortuary in Window Rock, AZ. KSU 6:00am and escort to Presbyterian church in Ganado, AZ.

03 - Funeral Escort for THOMAS SINGER, Navajo Hopi Honor Rider from Dilkon, AZ. Staging 9:30am MST at Greer's Mortuary (316 W 2nd St)Winslow, AZ. KSU after family veiwing 10:30am and escort to family plot turnoff in Dilkon.

31 - Funeral Escort for LOUIS DODSON, SR., ARMY VETERAN. Escort from Tuba City Mortuary to Lechee Nazarene church for services at 10:00am MST. Following services escort to burial site on Hwy 98 at milepost 317.75 (about half way to Kaibeto, 1/3 mile off road. Rough but not sandy. There will be a spot for bike parking.) Reception following at Lechee chapter house.

17 - Funeral Escort for TOM JONES, JR., NAVAJO CODE TALKER. Cope Memorial Chapel in Kirtland, NM. KSU 8:30am and escort to Dine' Christian Center in Shiprock, NM. Services begin at 10:00am. Following services escort to Shiprock Veterans Cemetery.
17 - Welcome Home Escort for SSG Andrea Denetso, US Army Unit: HHC, 15th Regimental Signal Brigade, Ft. Gordon,Georgia. MOS: Signal Support System Specialist. 13 years active duty, Medical Retirement. A group of NMPGR riders will meet-up with her at the Jamestown Pilot station exit 39, 17 miles east of Gallup, at 12 noon.
We will meet the New Mexico PGR at the Arizona Welcome Center located at Exit 359 (Lupton-- near Chief Yellowhorse). We will travel I-40 to Exit 333 (Chambers) then travel North on 191 to Klagetoh (about 30 Miles). 

10 - Christopher Gonzalez Memorial. Staging in Leupp, AZ. KSU 10:30am and route to Birdsprings chapter house. see Annual Run/ Memorial page.

10 - Welcome Home Escort for COREY J. HUDSON, SPC ARMY. Returning from Afghanistan. Staging 12:00pm at Conoco service station (Winona/Townsend Rd). KSU 12:30pm and route to Tuba City, AZ with arrival at 2:00pm.

03 - Welcome Home Escort for MR & MRS AMOS JAMES, ARMY. Staging at Veterans Park in Window Rock, AZ. KSU 4:00pm and escort to Gallup Community Center.

03 - HONOR ESCORT for late, Honorable Nelson McCabe, Judge. Served as Navajo Nation Judge in the late 70s. Chief Justice of the Navajo Nation in the late 80s, was a former Chapter Official for Kinlichee Chapter. Staging 10:30am at St. Michaels Church. Funeral services begin at 10:00am. Following services escort to Kinlichee Community Cemetery.


26 - Funeral Escort for ALVIN M. SMITH, ARMY. WORLD WAR II VETERAN. Staging 10:00am Desert View Mortuary in Shiprock, NM. KSU 11:00am and route to Rose Garden burial grounds located behind Northern Edge Casino. Reception following at chapter house west of casino. 

23 - 2014 Hopi Code Talkers Recognition Day "Through Humble Duty and Sacrifice" 9:00am - 3:00pm MST. Hopi Veterans Memorial Center, Kykotsmovi, AZ. Invited to pay tribute and recognize the Hopi Code Talkers and other Native American Code Talkers who served during World Wars I and II. For more information, contact Hopi Veterans Services 928-737-1834. Staging at Hopi Cultural Center 9:30am DST and KSU 10:00am DST.

22 - Funeral Escort for JAMES BEN YAZZIE, ARMY KOREAN VETERAN. Escort from Silver Creek Mortuary in Gallup, NM. KSU 7:00am to church. Services begin 10:00am at Klagetoh Catholic church in Klagetoh, AZ. 

21 - Funeral Escort for SAMUEL J. SMITH, SR. USMC NAVAJO CODE TALKER. Services will be held at 9:00am on Monday, April 21st at the Santa Maria Catholic Church in McCartys, NM. Request is made to escort the body from the Compassion Mortuary in Grants, NM at 8:00 am to the church for the 9:00am service, then to the Mount of Peace Cemetery. A reception will immediately follow at the Gerald Chino American Legion Hall, 68 Pinbaari Drive , Pueblo of Acoma. All Riders are welcome to stay and eat with the family.

19 - SFC Westbrook Silver Star headstone unveiling. KIA Army. Patriot Guard Riders and Navajo Hopi Honor Riders, have been invited to participate in an honorable event for KIA hero SFC Kenneth Westbrook. Staging 10:30am at Courtyard By Marriott, 560 Scott Ave,    Farmington, NM. Briefing 11:00am. ESCORT: To Shiprock Cemetery (30 miles) FLAG-LINE: “During graveside ceremony” Reception following at Shiprock High School.

09 - Funeral Escort for BEN WHITEHORSE, SR., WWII VETERAN.  Staging 8:45am at Desert View Funeral Home in Shiprock, NM. KSU 9:00am route through Chimney Rock to Montezuma Creek, UT.

08 - Welcome Home Escort for SGT TROY YAZZIE, ARMY RETIRED. Stationed in Fort Campbell with 101st Airborne. 
Staging at Tuviis 12:30pm. KSU 12:45pm and head south on 264. 
Staging 1:00pm at Coalmine chapter road and Hwy 264 and route to Tuba City chapter house.

06 - Welcome Home Escort for JOY HOLLONQUEST, SSGT AIR FORCE. Parents Denise Canyon-Billy and the late Tommy Billy, Sr. KSU 10:30am Safeway parking lot in Gallup, NM. KSU 11:45am Burger King parking lot in Burnside, AZ. KSU 12:30pm Mustang Gas Station in Keams Canyon, AZ. Arrival in Tuba City, AZ 2:00pm.

23 - Piestewa Fallen Heroes Memorial. Sunrise Memorial and Evening Reception with Candlelight Vigil. see Annual Run/Memorial page.

22 - Funeral Escort for SHANNON OTHERMEDICINE, USMC. Staging Cope Memorial Chapel in Gallup, NM (1830 Barbara Ave). KSU 8:00am and escort to Assembly of God Church in Fort Defiance, AZ. 

20 & 21 -  Veterans Training Summit for Veterans, Families of Veterans, Service Providers. Registration is Free. Twin Arrows Resort & Casino, east of Flagstaff, AZ along I-40. Questions: Lorae HoMana Pawiki 928-776-5306. 

07 -  Funeral Escort for JASON RAY CHIEF, AIR FORCE VETERAN. Staging 6:45am Desert Memorial in Tuba City, AZ. KSU at 7:00am and escort to gravesite service 10:00am at Baby Rock near Kayenta, AZ. Request by Commander Ricky Grey, Kayenta Veterans Organization


22 - 69th Anniversary of the Iwo Jima Flag Raising. Sacaton, AZ. Military Parade and Flyover to begin at 8:30am. Ceremonies to follow at the Mathew B. Juan, Ira H. Hayes Veterans Memorial Park in Sacaton.  Parade entry has been completed.

22 - Funeral Escort for LANCE DAVISON, USMC Veteran. Flagstaff, AZ. Services 10:00am at Trinity Heights Church, 3600 N Fourth Street, East Flagstaff. Staging 10:30am at church. KSU 11:00am following services. Procession route: south on North Fourth Street. West on Huntington, connect to Butler, south on San Francisco to cemtery. Interment at Citizens Cemetery, 1300 S San Francisco Street, with Military Honors.

22 - Funeral Escort for WILLARD PARKER, Veteran. Services 10:00am at LDS church in St. Michaels, AZ. Following services at 12:00pm, escort to Veterans Cemetery in Fort Defiance, AZ.

21 - Funeral Escort for CALVIN JOHN, Army Nation Guard. Services 10:00am at Pinon Hills Community church, 5101 N Dustin Ave, Farmington, NM. Following services escort to Community Cemetery in Kirtland, NM. 

18 - Funeral Escort for VINCENT YAZZIE, Army Veteran. Staging 9:30am at St. Mary's Catholic church in Tohatchi, NM. Services begin 10:00am. KSU 11:00am and escort to Naschitti, NM.

17 - Lupton Veterans' Benefit Ride for Annual Honor Run T-Shirts. 9:00 - 9:45am Staging Window Rock Veterans' Park. 10:00am KSU. 10:30 - 11:00am Burnside (registration/ fuel stop). 11:30am-12:15pm Chinle (Junction Restaurant, breakfast on your own). 12:45pm-1:15pm Tsaile (registration stop if needed). 1:45pm-2:15pm Navajo, NM (fuel stop). 3:00pm Window Rock. Registration Fee: Rider $20 and Passenger $5.  Proceeds will be used to offset cost of t-shirts for 2014 Navajo Hopi Honor Run and Lori Piestewa Ride.

11 - Funeral Escort for ARTHUR J. HUBBARD, SR. Navajo Code Talker USMC. STAGING LOCATION 1. PGR STAGING: 0915. BRIEFING: 0945. FLAG LINE: 1000. KSU: 1200 (estimated). LOCATION: Church Services at Pinnacle Presbyterian Church, 25150 N Pima Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85255. Viewing: 9:00 am - 1030 am. Service: 10:30 am - 11:30 am. STAGING LOCATION 2. PGR STAGING: 1130. BRIEFING: 1200. FLAG LINE: 1215. LOCATION: Internment at National Memorial Cemetery of Arizona, 23029 North Cave Creek Road, Phoenix, AZ 85024. Burial: 1:00 pm.


22 - Funeral Escort for FERNANDO CURTIS, MARINE PFC. Staging at Silver Creek Mortuary 8:30am. KSU 9:00am and route from Tse Bonito, NM to Kinlichee, AZ. 
06 - Funeral Escort for JAMES CATRON, ARMY Veteran. Staging at Valley Ridge Funeral Home in Tuba City, AZ. KSU and route to Citizens Cemetery in Flagstaff, AZ. Services at 10:00am. Honor Guard arriving at 9:15am.

02 -  Funeral Escort for THOMAS WILLIE, ARMY Veteran. Staging 9:00am Cope Memorial in Gallup, NM. KSU 10:00am and route from Gallup to Thoreau, NM. Services at 11:00am Thoreau Baptist Church. Reception 12:00pm at Thoreau chapter house.